PJU (Penerangan Jalan Umum) Integrated Premium Series

Smart Solar Light 10W & 20W


Lamp Bead With High Brightness

Imported lamp bead with excellent color rendering. Low lumen depreciation, over 20,000 hours of service wild angle projection providing good lighting effect.

Class-A Solar Water

Polycrystalline silicon solar water, tempered glass being used to capsulation, metal wire undergoing full-length welding, decreasing the material cost with its conversion rate being 17% – 22%

Intelligent Integrated Control Chip

Intelligent and user-friendly dimming technology automatically adjusting the brightness in different periods.

High Current Charging Technology

With strong R & D Strength, when the light meets the strong light, it will automatically select the best charging voltage, shortening the charging time.

Low-Light Charging Technology

Intelligent Control Module, which allows solar panels to capture faint light, on rainy days it can also be charged.

Intelligent Optical Induction Technology

Intelligently-Controlled Solar Panel, being charged in the daytime and working at night.

Mature Waterproof Technology

The Interior is packaged in an environmentally friendly silicon,
non-corrosive and effectively waterproof.
Built-in waterproof design can protect the electronic components of the lamp.

Lithium Battery with Large Capacity

Class-A High Quality Batteries, environmentally friendly materials and no memorability, providing a guarantee for the continued use of the lamp.


  • Battery Lithium 12AH
  • Lamp: 3030 LED
  • Material: Die-Cast Aluminum + ABS (Anti-UV, Anti-Old)
  • IP Index: IP65
  • Control Model: Time Control + Light Control + Panel Control
  • Sensor distance: 5-8 Meters
  • Sensor Model: Body Sensor
  • Continuous Cloudy and Rainy days: 5 days
  • Lighting Protection
  • Wiring Free
  • Changer Sensor
  • Intelligent Light Dimmer