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Home Lighting APL-PB 2061-R is Slim LED Panel Light, characterized by a set of specifications. The color temperature of 3000 K ~6500 k – Cool White Kelvin makes it possible to create a nice and pleasant atmosphere, making it the right choice for your building!  Cool White, does not only include the color temperature, which has already been mentioned, but also the color rendering, which is defined by the ability to make us distinguish all the colors of illuminated objects. The color rendering of this product is excellent for the usage of this product. Adopt imported optical diffusion previous to light panel, evenly diffuse light transmittance over 80%, will be good for eyes.


  • Adopt anti glare design
  • Adopt the light leakage prevention design
  • Driver can be integrated or separated
  • Cable terminal is anti drag
  • Option size: 85 mm, 120 mm, 170 mm, 225 mm
  • Wattage: 3W, 6W, 12W, 18W