LED Moving Controller

12 Channel


  • LED Moving Controller is a single monochrome LEDs can control 12 road runners, 7 color number 4,
  • DC 5 ~ 24 V wide working voltage, can control the leakage light, modules, light bar.
  • It has 12 road output, each output current up to 5 A, support monochromatic visible light, modules are 3000
  • More than one can cascade synchronous controller, can control up to 120, the effect can be modified, the USB download, simple and convenient operation, strong randomness


  • Stimulate lighting effect of traditional eon Flasher.
  • Programmable, Easy to customize sign for customers.
  • Multiple Synchronization Work, max 10 pcs. 
  • It can work with single color LED and RGB without IC.
  • It can work with 5V DC to 24 DC LED.