PJU (Penerangan Jalan Umum)

ST-ECO-1 (Eco Edition Series)


Penerangan Jalan Umum (PJU) is a lamp that is used for street lighting at night so as to make it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to see more clearly the road / road that will be passed at night, so as to improve traffic safety and security from users the way of criminal activities / actions. Street lighting in urban areas has a function:
  • Produces contrast between object and road surface;
  • As a road user navigation aid;
  • Improve the safety and comfort of road users, especially at night;
  • Supporting environmental security;
  • Providing the beauty of the road environment


  • High Luminous Efficiency
  • Revolutionary Photometric Design
  • Direct Replacement Light Source Design
  • No Light Pollution
  • No High-voltage, No Dust Adsorption
  • Tremendous Energy Saving
  • Long Life, Up To 50,000 Hours
  • Green and Environmental Protection
  • Work Under Low-Voltage and Low-Heat, Safe and Reliable